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Friendly Support Team


The friendly and experienced legal assistants, claims analysts, paralegals, and other important support members of The Trial Professionals are united in our commitment to help every client in every way possible. No matter is too small and no question is silly or unimportant. The Trial Professionals has carefully screened and trained the smartest and friendliest support team possible. We want you to always feel comfortable calling any member of your case team whenever you want. We are here to make this process as easy and as stress-free for you as possible.

Lori Horchler - Firm Administrator

Michael Dambroski - Senior Claims Analyst

Stephan Babb - Legal Assistant

Angela Tovar - Receptionist

Gianna Rubero - Legal Assistant

Natalie Santana - Paralegal

Mayra Ramos - Legal Assistant

Felisa Greenless - Legal Assistant

Jocelyn Carter - Paralegal

Laurie Fernandez - Paralegal

Amy Saavedro - Paralegal

Ellie - Firm guard dog

Lindsey Boren - Legal Assistant

Melissa Azeltine - Paralegal

Stephanie Lyman - Paralegal

Nora Sears - Paralegal
Nora Sears - Paralegal at The Trial Professionals
Lucy Watson - Paralegal
Lucy Watson - Paralegal at The Trial Professionals
Yani Garcia - Legal Assistant
Yani Garcia - Legal Assistant at The Trial Professionals
Jennifer Cruz - Legal Assistant
Jennifer Cruz - Legal Assistant at The Trial Professionals
Daniela Herboso - Receptionist
Daniela Herboso - Receptionist at The Trial Professionals
Tanisha Torres - Intake Coordinator
Tanisha Torres - Intake Coordinator at The Trial Professionals
Tammy Van Hoose - Paralegal
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